Wine Sampling– Recognizing The Wines Of France

Wine Tasting– Understanding The Wines Of France

Are you frustrated by the huge variety of French wines and completely lost when it concerns making a decision which wine will ideal suit your needs?

Each of the eight wine generating regions of France concentrates on producing wine of a certain type and also taste and also this basic summary will ideally make picking French wines a little much easier.


Wine red wines are created from the black Pinot Noir and also Gamay grapes and also from the white Chardonnay grape.

The Pinot Noir is probably among the world’s earliest grape varieties as well as is infamously tough to grow. It does however generate several of our best wines which are robust as well as rich and also at the very same time can be light, soft as well as silky. Pinot noir wines commonly have a fragrance of cherries accompanied by a spiciness that is similar to cinnamon or mint.

The Chardonnay grape is a really prominent grape which creates light, delicate dry wines with an unique but typically difficult to describe aroma creating a vision of apples, peaches or lemons.


The wines of Bordeaux are based upon the associated black Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, discovered especially in the Medoc area of Bordeaux, as well as the black Merlot grape.

Cabernet Sauvignon wines enhance considerably with age and also are frequently amongst the globe’s really excellent wines. With age the unique blackcurrant fragrance of wines from this grape creates overtones of cedar, violets and also natural leather and the wines, which are typically deep in flavor, commonly end up being smooth and soft.

Wines made from the Red wine grape are really much like those generated from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape however have a less unique aroma and also taste.

If it seems unusual that gewurztraminers ought to be created from black grapes after that remember that grape juice, whether from black or white grapes, is basically anemic and also it is the skin of the black grape that provides the wine its shade.


The grape ranges frequently seen in the Rhone valley are the black Cabernet Sauvignon and also Syrah grapes as well as the white Muscat grape.

Syrah grapes create extreme abundant wines which are almost black in shade and also which have an aroma that is spicy in nature. The Rhone Syrah grape develops the base for many mixed wines consisting of the popular Chateauneuf du Pape

The Muscat grape gives rise to extreme, pleasant wines with a solid and also conveniently acknowledged aroma. In addition, and also unusual for a wine, wines from the Muscat actually do preference of grapes.


The grapes of the Loire consist of the black Pinot Noir as well as the white Sauvignon Blanc as well as Pinot Gris grapes.

The Sauvignon Blanc grape is expanded around the globe today and also it is extremely extensively used for blending. In the situation of the Loire however it is made use of to make an unique unblended completely dry white wine with a characteristic sharp as well as aggressive scent.

Pinot Gris wines usually show a somewhat flower as well as gently lemon flavor as well as, relying on the ripeness of the grape at harvesting, wines that are either light and also appetizing or abundant, round and full bodied. Pinot Gris makes one of minority white wines that could be stated to age well.


Although the grapes of the Alsace are similar to those made use of in the Loire, growing problems in this area have the tendency to create wines which birth the characteristics of lots of German rather that French wines.

The wines in this area resemble Riesling as well as the sweeter German wines. Some rosé wines are additionally created in Alsace.

Sparkling wine

The primary grapes of the Sparkling wine area are the black Pinot Noir and also Pinot Meunier and also the white Chardonnay.

The wines of the Sparkling wine region could best be called thin as well as tart and also supply the best base of what numerous believe to be the world’s finest champagne.


Beaujolais wines are made from the black Gamay as well as white Chardonnay grapes.

The wines of this region are typically light in nature, fresh tasting and also with a somewhat fruity flavor. Numerous Beaujolais wines are also slightly carbonated in nature.